Diploma of Engineering Degree in Agronomy - Montpellier Supagro France

Montpellier SupAgro (International Center for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences) is one of the foremost French Graduate Schools in Agricultural Sciences. As belonging to the French "Grandes Ecoles" network it represents one of the best rated higher education pathways for obtaining an Engineering Degree in France.

Students are admitted either after a highly selective nationwide exam or by the virtue of excellent academic records. They finally get the diploma of "Engineering Degree in Agronomy (Ingénieur Agronome)" which corresponds to a Master of Science Degree.

Montpellier SupAgro also delivers high rated Master’s Degrees to foreign students selected for their academic merit. More details on Montpellier SupAgro are available at: http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=356

The Plant Science Department proposes two courses:
- A Master course oriented towards Plant Breeding: "Mediterranean & Tropical Seeds and Plants" (SEPMET)
- A Master course dedicated to "Mediterranean and Tropical Horticulture" (HORTIMET)

Rapid information on the SEPMET course content can be downloaded at: http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=433&id_page=406

Rapid information on the HORTIMET course can be downloaded at: http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=433&id_page=1116

Both complete Master courses last two years. According to its academic level and language skills, a candidate student can apply for a start at the first year of the Master (M1) or the second year (M2).
The first two semesters of M1 year are devoted to improve French language proficiency and to deepen scientific basis and skills (agronomy, agricultural economics, statistics and a panel of discovery teaching units). The second Master year (M2) is more specialized. Its first semester corresponds to in-depth study of related sciences.
Teaching is balanced between academic courses and practical works, and also comprises visits to professionals and firms. The second M2 semester (March – September) is devoted to a 6 months internship either in private or public organisation. It ends up in writing the Master thesis, which is finally defended in front of a jury. The internship can be either oriented towards getting professional skills useful for a direct hiring in the private sector or towards a more applied research subject looking forward a PhD.

The Montpellier SupAgro SEPMET and HORTIMET Masters courses represent a real opportunity to develop and enhance collaborations between foreign and European higher education centers and universities.

Interested students must urgently apply by filling the application form, which is downloadable at:

http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=433&id_page=1119 (Common M1 year)

http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=433&id_page=406 (Sepmet M2 year)

http://www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=433&id_page=1116 (Hortimet M2 year)