Programa de Bolsas: AgreenSkills

AgreenSkills, is an international, open, incoming-outgoing mobility programme co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of the COFUND-FP7 People Programme. This programme is coordinated by INRA and Agreenium, a consortium comprising the main French agricultural and veterinary research and higher education organisations. AgreenSkills supports inventive, talented and promising young researchers (post doc), from all disciplines and from all over the world, to develop challenging basic or targeted research projects in the fields of agriculture, environment, food and nutrition and animal health.

AgreenSkills offers incoming and outgoing fellowships with very attractive conditions in terms of salary (+60 %), optimal research conditions, training, networking opportunities as well as personalized support for career development plan. A comprehensive website is online at providing general information about the programme, details on the eligibility and selection criteria as well as all necessary documents to apply. AgreenSkills programme, opened on the 15th March 2012, is implemented through a continuous call for submission with two selection rounds per year.

The second selection round is scheduled in Autumn 2012 with deadline for application mid-November 2012.

The success of the programme is based on the ability of the scientific communities to disseminate the programme to the best and promising young researchers. We would be very thankful if you could promote AgreenSkills programme within your institution by circulating the information regarding its call to the scientific networks, institutions and labs that you consider likely to be interested.

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To access to the AgreenSkills programme website: